Muhammad Daffa

Hello! I’m Muhammad Daffa, but you can call me Daffa. I began delving into cybersecurity around 2019 to 2020. My interest sparked when some of my Facebook friends posted about making money through an activity known as ‘bug bounty.’ Intrigued by their posts, I embarked on a journey to learn more about cybersecurity, with a specific focus on website penetration testing.

Please don’t mistake me for a professional penetration tester just yet! There’s still a wealth of knowledge about cybersecurity that I haven’t explored, such as conducting penetration tests on Android, iOS, and even within networks. At present, I’m also immersing myself in the realm of malware analysis, all thanks to TCM Security <3.


Contact me if you have something to discuss or if you have a great resource about cybersecurity, i’ll be very happy to read about the resource :D

Find my contact at the homepage