Here are some of my portfolios on cybersecurity

Bug Bounties

The list below are some of the companies that recognize me as a bug hunter. Here are 5 achievements that I just got

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Here is a list of CVEs that I got, most of them came from vulnerabilities in wordpress. I have a target which is to have 1000++ CVEs.

Total CVEs: 126

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Capture The Flag

I started to do CTF again in 2023, and this is a list of wins we have achieved while participating in several CTF competitions

CTF Competitions

Event NameTeamRanking
DeconstruCT.F 2023aseng_fans_club1
The Odyssey CTFaseng_fans_club1
Pointer Overflow CTF 2023Heroes Cyber Security1
BDSec CTF 2023Heroes Cyber Security1
h4ckc0n 2023TCP1P2
0xLaugh CTF 2023TCP1P2
0byteCTF 2023-3
N45HTCTF2023Heroes Cyber Security3

Finalists CTF Competitions

Event Name
ASEAN Student Contest on Information Security Qualification 2023
Infinity 2023
UNITY 2023

Writeup Competitions

Event NameTeam

Open Source Projects

Here are my open source projects related to cybersecurity that I have created and pushed to GitHub.

Maintained Projects



Blue Team



Abandoned Projects

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